About Us

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We are a family run establishment and have been operating in the ‘wood business’ for over 50 years, both in and out of the UK. Using the experience and knowledge gained over time, we sought to find a site that would enable us to serve our customers best. The Denmylne Farm site was chosen in 2007, and we’ve been operating successfully from there ever since. The site not only serves the needs of our business and its customers but is also considered to be one of the best sawmills in Scotland.

We are very passionate about what we do at Scottish Sawmilling Services, both in the quality of wood we source, and the quality of products and services we offer. We use a mixture of traditional and modern tools and methods and have some of the best sawmilling machinery in the UK. This allows us a great deal of flexibility in the range of bespoke offerings we can provide – catering to a wide variety of personal and commercial ventures and industries.

We care about the environment and understand the need for sustainable operations, which is why our timber is sourced from sustainable sources and we maximise the resources by efficiently cutting the timber to reduce wastage. Smaller offcuts and by-products such as sawdust and wood chips are re purposed to produce other useable products. Our machinery uses environmentally friendly lubricants which remove the risk of spillages or leaks, should they occur.

For more information click here to read an article published by the Forestry Journal from where we began, to where we are today.