Denmylne farmhouse under construction by ourselves.

A green oak extention


Green oak sun-room post and beam kit


All the joints in our Pods and Garden rooms are mortise and tenon jointed throughout.( if specified) For much greater strength durability and quality of build.

Dry, Larch is  a good all rounder really but it probably doesn't reach the dizzy grading heights that Douglas  fir does. It’s still very good for joinery or furniture work. Super for flooring and excellent as air dried external cladding , looks great with a machined profile because it has a nice machined surface.

We use Douglas fir for our Stormproof windows. That  is many peoples choice for replacing the PVC windows revolution which really has not stood the test of time. Has it?

Green oak beams

An article on us in the forestry journal. Click link to view


Cladding Larch and Douglas fir. Always available.

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Logs up to 1m diameter  x 8m long  are milled.


Made to order

Delivered to your site. Posts- beams- joists pre-jointed planed and ready for you to erect.


Laminated beams are manufactured for a stronger load bearing specification.

Sleepers are cut for garden use

Quarter-sawn oak wide boards usualy available

We always have European/ Scottish Larch. Larch cladding! Both off saw and dressed.      Ship-lap or tongue  groove . Profiles.  



Seasoned Elm, Oak, Ash and Yew are nearly always available.

Green oak and Douglas fir beams, joists, planks and

cladding cut to order


Any size of Oak trusses

 April 12, 2016 /  

Here at Scottish saw-milling we design and make oak trusses we Make and deliver framing in many sizes and dimensions. To your site complete with pegs and  fittings. All you have to do is put it together. We can do this for you too.

We make oak trusses to order in kit form or supply as a whole truss. We were asked to design and supply the materials for a set of large trusses going into a building. This was done with double spans bolted together on the  site. 


Traditional oak building


At Scottish sawmilling we use modern methods to work with our oak products some that are centuries old and have been tried and tested  throughout the ages. Working with oak beams and flooring we use tools that have been used by carpenters and master framers for hundreds of years. Draw knives, planes, chisels and the like have plus some more modern  cutting tools. 


Solid wood Flooring

In Oak and Elm and Douglas fir.

Cabins Camping/Glamping pods. Made to your specifications, or to our standard designs.



garden pods - guest room. Insulated- double glazed -



Here is some quarter-sawn 1"oak boards. width varies from 300-500mm. There is about 50 cubic ft available. This is making fabulous panels and also many the aspects of decorative work .

Fresh Cut Wood

This tree was 100 cubic ft. It was cut up last year. The boards have a varying width to them. Making exquisite cupboard and door panels. Mostly up to 2.4 x 500mm x 1" and some equally  wide planks at 40mm and 50mm thickness.

We also have quarter-sawn 2" x 6",7",8".9",and 10" planks either pippie or blemish free up to 4.5Meter long planks.